It was 1977. The Jesus Movement had been in full swing. Rolling Stone and NME, Go Set and Circus magazine ruled the day. Everyone watched Countdown. I went looking for something 'Christian' that didn't Bible bash me, judge me, or belittle me in anyway.

It didn't exist. So I created Keystone. A magazine that a Christian could share with their non Christian friends. Basically a giant tract, filled with articles that would capture the interest of non Christians and get them thinking about spiritual issues and gently lead them across the bridge to becoming a Christian.

At our peak we were selling over 10,000 copies. Keystone was eventually sold a couple times over, turned into an A3 size publication that focused solely on Christian issues and died.

So 2016. Rolling Stone is nothing like it used to be. MTV has come and gone. Magazines today that create 'that buzz' are Wired, and Fast Company.

A few years ago I revived Keystone. I thought we may get 100 or 200 hits a month, we've consistently gotten 15,000 a month. I kept waiting for the numbers to drop off, they haven't.

So here we are. Keystone is a publication by Christians for non Christians. We're guaranteed to annoy those Christians who have locked themselves away in a nice safe environment with no idea how the rest of the world thinks.

We're a kick start for those in the world to think about spiritual issues and a bridge to becoming a Christian. What happens after that is your responsibility. Be kind, be loving, accept and don't judge. It's a journey.