Past Interviews by Don Gillespie

One of the key things about Keystone Magazine were the interviews and photography. Looking back today the pictures and the interviews reflect the times. It's interesting to see what some of the issues were 25 years ago and where we are today.


Amy Grant


Barry McGuire


Keith Green


Larry Norman

Pat Boone


Randy Stonehill


Ken Duncan

Stevie Wright

Evie Tornquist

Mother Teresa

2nd Chapter of Acts

Dan and Jamie





Marco Rubio: We’re at the water’s edge of mainstream Christian teachings being branded “hate speech”
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JK Rowling destroys Westboro Baptist Church with one simple tweet
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Jesus is a political prisoner: An American history of Christianity’s corruption
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Jesus Pizza? Lawsuit claims church, state not separate at high school
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Three reasons the West is losing the war with Islamic State
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Everything in the Music Industry Has Changed Except the Song Itself
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Music we're currently listening to
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Why a burger chain with only 68 restaurants is worth almost as much as Wendy's
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Do you have a family recipe to share?
It seems we all have a recipe that was handed down from great grandma. Is it in danger of being lost forever?
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