It was 1977, we had found Jesus, or he had found us through the pages of Alvin Toffer's Future Shock. We were convinced the world could not sustain itself that pollution, consumerism was out of control, nuclear war was just around the corner and we had to fight for a greener planet.

We had protest marches, we did concerts, (NO NUKES - I still have the LP), Beach Boys sang about "Don't Go Near the Water" and the Beatles did "Revolution". Then came Berkley and our dreams and CSNY with "Ohio" "'Tin soldiers and Nixon coming....four dead in Ohio.." Sadly, I look around some 40 years later and not much has changed.

Keystone magazine was born out an alternative to Rolling Stone with a stronger emphasis on music. Our friends at "Truth and Liberation" out of Melbourne (John Smith) and "The Hollywood FreeĀ Paper" in California were looked as being too radicle for us if we were to 'win this generation to Christ'.

CCM Magazine in the USA came out six months after us and took the whole Jesus Music phenomenon to another plateau in unashamedly reprinting press releases from record companies and promoting what ever the record companies out of Nashville wanted.

Little did any of know what was about to happen. Jesus Music suddenly became CCM. Songs that were innocently written to 'get a message out' almost over night became a business, the rot had set in. Artists had to sell 30,000 units otherwise their career was over. Unfortunately, most of those artists who were the Jesus Music pioneers never saw any money from their albums. Most of then today do not even have access to their own music and have to resort to bootlegging their own albums.

Keystone Magazine was sold and then sold again and died a slow death. Editor and publisher, Don Gillespie returned with a new magazine called Planet, launched at a Hillsong Conference.

"We were offered a deal in the USA if we printed an article white washing a major Christian Artist who was having an affair the record company would purchase a subscription for every youth pastor in the USA. I did the interview, however I rejected the offer. By not 'playing the game, we ultimately paid a price, we no longer had access, doors closed and the result was we went broke. The interview was never published as I refused to print lies". Don Gillespie.

But hey, here we are  - on line! John Smith is a good friend and in some crazy turn of events there is an amalgamation of what Truth and Liberation was all about and what I may call Keystone magazine, the Krispy Kreme of CCM. Seriously I don't think we were that bad, after all at our peak we were moving 12,000 magazines an issue.






The art work of Rick Griffin

Rick Griffin (June 18, 1944 - August 18, 1991) was an American artist and one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters in the 1960s. Rick designed the masthead for Rolling Stonme Magazine in 1967 and later became a Christian illustratyion the Gospel of John.

The Gospel of John and "Heart and Truth featuring his drawings and art work were realeased a couple of years ago





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