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1. You're joining us on a spiritual journey looking at issues that face us in the world today.

2. You're supporting a ministry to those who have left the church.


Our goals:

1. A creative platform for musicians, artists, speakers and entertainers.

2. To present a persectative that enables those who are outside the church, outside a faith to reflect and grow.

3. To motivate people to walk the talk.

4. To encourage those who are part of a church, to reflect, to grow in their spiritual walk.

5. To draw attention to the everyday things we find fun, funny, interesting or informative. In other words things we like and we hope you like them to.

A little left of the Planet (The diner at the edge of the Universe).

This is the section where those who have left the church or those who still haven't found what you're looking for' will find articles of interest.

The idea is to stop, relax, have a coffee, a wine or a beer as we contemplate "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" and go way beyond '42'.

If you're aware what '42' refers to then this is specifically for you.

You're not alone in these thoughts. There are a range of books, articles, links that we provide that will help you along the journey AND no there care no Christian clichés or trite answers.




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