John Smith

On the Side of Angels

John's path has been unconventional. Many things he has seen and done can only be described as bizarre. But today he is known around the world as a no-holds-barred spokesman for God's love and justice. In this revised addition of his autobiography, John adds new details to the story and includes a special 'Postscript' that gives a glimpse of the action-filled twenty years since the book was first published.

Cutting Edge

"Sharpening the Cutting Edge" is a substantially reworked and updated re-release of John's first book, "Cutting Edge". 'John Smith knows that sacred cows make great hamburgers, and in this book h does just that! He attacks the distortions of Christianity with his prophetic writings and helps us get a vision of what the church could be if it adhered to Biblical principles.' - Tony Campolo


When Love Comes to Stay

Some of us grew up with experiences of evangelistic meetings where we were challenged to be "born again", or be "converted". But after the great music drifted away, and the preacher's message faded, we were sometimes uncertain where to go with the new faith. Working with Fuzz Kitto, we wrote this little booklet that explains how we travel in our faith, after deciding to take Jesus seriously. We hope it will be a little guide-book for the long journey from fear to faith, from indifference to love. It attempts to tell what happens when love comes to stay.

Ken Legg

What's Eating You

What’s Eating You? is the title of Ken Legg’s latest book. Ken says, “Whatever is happening in your life at the present time is a result of that which is in your heart. We cannot live above the level of our heart.”

Ken is pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church on the Gold Coast. He has authored 16 books. Almost half of these are bible study books for small groups, including the best seller The Road Ahead, a study book for new Christians which has sold over 20,000 copies throughout Australia.

New Covenant, New glory

New Covenant, New Glory will help you to understand what the Bible teaches about covenants.

A covenant is an arrangement placed between two parties for the purpose of establishing a relationship between them.

So, what has God placed between Himself and us as the basis of our relationship with Him? On what grounds are we to be accepted and blessed by God? Many Christians are still trying to relate to God on the basis of a covenant that no longer exists! Consequently they struggle in their daily lives and labour under condemnation.


The Road Ahead

Imagine over the next four weeks you suddenly have a group of new Christians on your hands! They want to know:“What has happened to me?”“How can I grow in my relationship with God?” “How can I share what I have experienced with others?” etc.

Are you equipped to meet a situation like this?

When it comes to foundational studies for new believers The Road Ahead is increasingly becoming the choice for evangelical churches throughout Australia. More than 200 churches are now using this book with 20,000 copies currently in print.




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