Holy Water Buffalo.

Richard Souther put us onto HWB when they very first started. The name immediately got my attention and then the music. We couldn't say it any better than what it said by a close friend on their web site: "people have enjoyed sound, the sound that you can feel, the kinda sound that soothes your soul, eases you into serenity, opens you to a new world, pushes you through it, helps you on the other side, gives you a craving for more, this is music you can feel. This is Holy Water Buffalo".

As you'll see in the video clip below taking it easy and practising a new song at home, they are four lads with feet firmly on the ground. Their music is totally infectious and we trust you'll love them as much as we do.

Their self titled album Holy Water Buffalo came out in 2010 we highly recomemd it.


They have a CD out and are touring extensively. Check out their web site RIGHT HERE














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