Richard Souther

Grammy-nominated artist Richard Souther is a composer, producer, arranger, sound designer and multi-keyboardist who has built a strong reputation as a top contemporary solo instrumentalist for over twenty years.


He has created numerous best-selling albums in the New Age, Smooth Jazz, Electronica and the Classical/Crossover markets as well as acclaimed recordings for the CCM music scene.

His music has been used in films, television shows and commercials around the world. A few of his clients include Mercedes Benz, CBS, PBS, A&E, CNN, NBC, Renault, Fuji Film, Delta Airlines, Ford Motor Company, VH-1, MTV, The Bose Corporation, United Nations, The Jim Henson Company, and HBO.

We actually cam across Richard Souther in the late 70's when he was part of a number of musicians that were involved in the Jesus Movement and has been involved with a number of artists including Barry McGuire and 2nd Chapter of Acts.


The Prayer Closet Volume 3

This is Volume Three of a new series. It's based on his communion with God and is all improvised. In a way, recorded conversations expressed through the language of music. To hear the track simply go to Richard web site, the link is RIGHT HERE















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