Steve Apirana is one of the finest musicians currently working in Australasia. He is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist with an extraordinary sense of humour.

As a musician, Steve specialises in blues and gospel. His pedigree reaches back into the seventies, having played support for such luminaries as Daddy Cool, Black Sabbath, Split Ends, and Dragon. He was a member of the seventies band Butler and as well as doing much solo work he was involved with The Velvettes, a sixties spoof rock band. Equally at home with acoustic guitar or his trademark Fender Strat, Steve’s playing is matched by his rich bluesy voice.

Steve captivates audiences in a way that very few can. When performing, it’s not long before his charm, honesty, self - depreciating humour and excellent musicianship has audiences totally absorbed.

A former street kid, Steve found faith in Jesus Christ, graduated as a social worker, and then returned to the same streets, working with the Anglican City Mission to reach out to people in need. Steve’s life and experiences have been a perfect grounding for a style of communication that doesn’t threaten but dares to be honest

DUETS: Steve and Ainsley

Duets combines the voices of Steve and Ainsley and the guitar expertise of Steve backed by rhythm from Ainsley. We sing songs from the sixties and seventies, with a few tossed in from other decades: mostly love songs and always duets. We sing covers from the last 60 years, traditional folk songs with a few of our own tossed in the mix. You will hear songs you know and love – from Frank Sinatra, to the Beatles, from the Eagles to Carol King.

Ainsley is mostly known from her performances with Steve but is herself a singer and songwriter. She recorded 12 of her own songs on an album called Autumn in 2001 and has sung with her husband round the world. She joins Steve with vocals, rhythm guitar and flutes to bring you a night of love songs in duet

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