Barry McGuire
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  The Keystone Legacy Series

The Sammy Quaver series - Book One from Kindle
An allegory centred around the power of music

  The Second Legacy Series out April 2025
Sammy Quaver Book Two
Out September 2014
  Theodore Mouse
A modern day Pilgrims's Progress - Available August 2025
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Barry's last recorded Christian Convert
If ever 'the Church' was to hear a message for today, this is it.

A double album in which Barry shares the stories behind the songs, his testiomony and his thoughts about living the Christian life. Always ten years ahead of the Church his views were not always accepted by church leaders. Radicle Christina living he shares openly about Being where Jeuss wnats you to be, Forgiveness and True Love, The Story behind Gypsy Dolphins, Living a Stress Free Life, Reaching Non Christians, How to be Free in Christ. The songs and stories cover his unique walk with Christ and the things he's learned along the journey.

DISC ONE     01 Intro to Pilgrim Talk  02 Pilgrim  03 The Jesus Talk  04 Eve of Destruction  05 Love Forgives Talk  06 Gypsy Dolphins Talk  07 Gypsy Dolphins

DISC TWO   01 Not My Will  02 Dead Man  03 Stress Free talk  04 I Can't Call You Lord  05 Go Where They Are Talk  06 A Testimony in Music Talk  07 Love Now Talk  08 Bullfrogs and Butterflies  09 Free in Christ talk  10 I Got Time

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